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About Me

A heart based practitioner I work with soul, spirit, body & emotions to facilitate and support balance of your physical, emotional cognitive and spiritual well-being.

A healer once held my hands, listened intently, and said 'Oh! Your concerns are humanitarian. You have a purity of intent in helping others'.

This made sense to me. Inspired by that which touches humanity, I feel what others feel and sense things deeply.

My Kinesiology Skin & Body treatments are based on the premise that body mind, spirit and psyche are linked. I believe in the beauty and healing power of energy and touch. Facilitating this connection, aims to integrate emotional, physical, spiritual, cognitive and social aspects of your well-being.

My own journey has been an awakening of earthly and spiritual expansion, with evolution through life experience and knowledge. These life experiences form an inner heart of knowledge, which combines with my professional training to facilitate your healing.

With years of training in health sciences of Kinesiology, Kinergetics Advanced Trauma, Skin & Beauty Therapy, Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity, TMJ Reset, Usui Reiki, Integrated Healing, HypnoBirthing, Dance Movement Therapy- an embodied form of counselling, philosophy and social cultural anthropology, I bring this into our sessions and treatments.

Inner healing transforms the outer. Whether it be time for self care and relaxation, or some deeper issues you would like to address, treatments are tailored individually for your priority healing needs on the day.

Align with soul, free your mind, balance your body & enliven your heart.

Meagan x

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