Enlivened Heart - Relaxation Massage

415 High St
Northcote 3070
0468 968 195

Relaxation Swedish Massage & Aromatic Healing for well-being

Relaxation helps to restore your natural state of balance. It expands your capacity to feel comfortable during life's challenges, and to hold yourself steady within your natural state of ease.

A Kinesiologist trained in Swedish massage, I tailor your treatment holistically to what your body needs, which may include Energy healing, Aromatic healing, Accupessure points, Neuro-Lymphatic, Neuro-Vascular & TemporoMandibularJoint points to balance various muscles, organs, body systems and emotions.

30 minute Massage 55
45 minute Massage 75
60 minute Massage 95

Relax your way back to a natural state of being!
Appointments: 0468 968 195

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